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Local Democrats met to discuss what it means to be a Democrat. We had a great session with good attendance. We listed all of the things that are important to us and then started a "Who We Are" statement. We circulated this around our membership and after a lot of feedback from our local members, we came up with the following statement:

We Democrats of Calaveras County, are patriotic American citizens who are committed to the rule of law, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We are a diverse, open-minded group who fervently seek to act with moral responsibility, public integrity, and human compassion; and we are bound by some common beliefs -
e believe in an open, honest, and straightforward government that provides security from threats both foreign and domestic.

We believe that the people that serve us by providing that security- the Armed Forces, law enforcement personnel, firemen and all other public servants, deserve our country’s respect and should be provided the best equipment available and be paid a fair and honest wage.
We believe in an open and honest press that is not unduly influenced by the government or special interests.
We believe that because our country is the wealthiest country in the world that all of our citizens should have access to health care and education.
We believe that the government should concern itself with public issues and leave issues of personal choice to the individual.
We believe that all Americans deserve equal treatment under the laws of our land, regardless of race, gender, financial status, age, religion or sexual orientation.
We believe that we should be good stewards of our land. Clean air, clean water, healthy forests and diverse wildlife are resources we value and will work to protect.
We believe that we must repair, rebuild, reclaim, and clean up the land, rivers, seas and air, in cooperation with nations around the world.
We believe in the defense of our country and we also believe that war should be waged only after honest attempts at diplomatic reconciliation. War should always be a last resort.

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