Calaveras County General Plan Meetings, San Andreas

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Calaveras County General Plan Meetings

For those of you interested in helping our county adopt a good General Plan, the hearings at the Board of Supervisors are scheduled for July 30 and 31 (probably all day both days). This is the opportunity for input from the public.

In May Attorney Tom Infusino of the Calaveras Planning Coalition came and spoke at our monthly meeting. Some documents from that presentation are attached.

After the July 30 & 31 hearings, the Board will vote on whether or not to adopt the plan as is or make modifications. So if there is something you are passionate about, now is the time.

Some “talking points” to consider are listed below.  They compare the CADem Party Platform to the proposed Calaveras County General Plan Update.

  • Energy

Support energy democracy and community choice energy programs to transition our cities and counties, and ultimately all of California, to locally sourced clean power that will provide green jobs;

The County developed an energy element and then refused to include it in the General Plan Update.

  • Wildlife Habitat

Support policies that protect the biological diversity of living organisms, dedicated funding to conduct basic research, monitoring, habitat protection, and conservation actions to ensure sustainable populations of wildlife and fisheries for future generations;

Implementation of the general plan is expected to have a significant impact on wildlife habitat.

  • Agricultural Lands

Provide innovative incentives that will encourage agricultural water conservation, the retention of lands for agricultural production, and low impact/sustainable agricultural practices; promote an agriculture and food sector that is economically viable, environmentally sound, and socially responsible; protect California’s agricultural land as an irreplaceable resource;

The County refuses to mitigate the impacts of development on rangelands by requiring conservation easement offsets.

Implementation of the General Plan Update is expected to have significant impacts to agricultural lands.

  • Water

Ensure allocation and management of water to sustain the economy, including needs of agriculture, ecosystems, fisheries, recreation, and endangered species;

Ensure that rural residents have reliable, clean, safe, and affordable water and waste disposal;

The County completed a water element for the general plan and then refused to adopt it.

The County supports residential, commercial, and industrial development on dwindling groundwater resources, rather than reserving groundwater for agricultural use.

  • Economic Development

Continue to encourage the sustainable growth of small businesses, which serve as the backbone of California’s economy, with special consideration of the challenges faced by rural small businesses;

Create a rural economic development plan for all rural communities regardless of county population

The County prepared an economic development element but refused to adopt it.

  • Rural Roads

Encourage an investment in California’s transportation infrastructure in a way that will support the state’s growth through the 21st century and beyond, including maintaining and improving California’s rural roads and highways and supporting the efforts to bring high-speed rail to the state, thereby facilitating the movement of Californians around the state and promoting commerce;

The County provides exceptions to its traffic congestion policies to allow traffic congestion on many segments of the State Highways.

Implementation of the General Plan Update is expected to have significant impacts on traffic circulation.

  • Parks

Work to expand parks, recreation, and mentoring centers for children and young people;

The County has prepared a Parks and Recreation Master Plan but has refused to approve it.

  • Transparency

Actively work for an educated citizenry, equal opportunity for influence, honest public debate, competitive elections, and robust civic participation in order to enhance the democratic process

The County spent over $900,000 developing a general plan from 2007-2012, and then refused to release it to the public, fired the consultant, and started over.

  • Accountability

Demand transparency and implementation of accountability measures for all levels of the government and the Democratic Party; including federal, state, and local government

The County refuses to include interim objectives for achievement in the general plan.

The County refuses to adopt deadlines for program implementation for the general plan. 

The County refuses to adopt a mitigation monitoring and reporting plan for the mitigation measures in the General Plan.

  • Community Representation

Support better representation of unincorporated communities, including the right to incorporate as cities; support reforming the incorporation process and local tax allocations to facilitate such communities to attain self-governance through incorporation

The General Plan Update eliminates the community plans.



Start Date - End Date

Jul 30, 2019 - Jul 31, 2019

Start Time - End Time

12:00 am - 11:59 pm

Event Location

891 Mountain Ranch Road San Andreas, CA United States


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