By: Susan Ashby

I am sure you are wondering how your congressman, Tom McClintock, represented you during the government shutdown.  Here is a rundown:

  • January 3: House passes two spending bills to reopen eight federal agencies on the first day of the Democratic majority. (HR 21 and HJ Res 1).  McClintock voted Nay.
  • January 9: House passes a financial services spending bill, with 8 Republicans joining the Democratic effort.  HR 264.  McClintock voted Nay.
  • January 10: House passes two funding bills to reopen the Departments of Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, Agriculture, and more. 12 Republicans break with Trump to fund HUD and the Department of Transportation.  HR 267 and 265.  McClintock voted Nay.
  • January 16: The House passes a disaster relief bill that includes an amendment to fund the government through early February.  HR 268.  McClintock voted Nay.

McClintock continues to try to obstruct responsible governing.  Fortunately, he is now a small voice in the wind.