Axios/SurveyMonkey did a poll on Thursday & Friday of 2,946 voters. The poll is well worth reading about through the link. The part that I found interesting was that they created two “word clouds” that provide a snapshot of America’s mood. The top three words Democrats used to describe the convention were “hopeful,” “inclusive” and “united“. The graphic used here is from the Axios/SurveyMonkey article.

Republicans’ top three words were “boring,” “lies” and “joke”.

 How can you help?

There are two ways you can help right now (voting comes later). The first is to make a donation to the Calaveras Democrats. Prior to Covid-19 we held monthly meetings. Besides giving us an opportunity to hear from different speakers, see friends, and get to know new members, we also collected donations. Zoom isn’t a great way to get donations but we’ve continued to cover our costs and contribute to various campaigns. Please consider donating through the link below.

The other way to help is take an active role with getting Brynne Kennedy elected. It’s only 72 days until election day!  Shortly (within 10 days) California will mail out ballots to all registered voters. Please fill them in and return your absentee ballot as soon as possible.

Brynne Kennedy is running a terrific campaign against Tom McClintock — and she’s doing a great job! If you’d like to know more about Brynne, please take the time to read about her qualifications. In fact, a recent poll shows that she’s continuing to move towards winning the district:

She can do this but only with all hands on deck. Her chances are great, but she needs all of us. For those of you that live in more densely populated areas (like real neighborhoods), there is a new tool and opportunity…kind of a hybrid no-contact canvassing and phone calling that is in your neighborhood. You download and get connected to an app called PDI Connect.

There is a training (which will get you connected) every Friday at 5:00 PM. It gives you lists of voters in your immediate neighborhood, and maps! This makes it possible for you to drop off a piece of Brynne literature and a note (the literature can be printed at home) on their doorstep or fence. Then you follow up with a phone call, as a neighbor. You can call right from the app. Here is the sign up link:  

This event gives you the option to learn another app called REACH, for tracking your own conversations with friends. Take your pick! 

If you want to send friends and neighbors to an event with Brynne, a virtual house party, Janice Bassett is hosting one this Friday, August 14, at 6:00 PM. Here is the sign up link: 

And then there are, of course: Neighborhood Conversations for our region, Tuesday, noon. The topic this week is Covid-19. 

Weekly Team Meeting for our region, Wednesday, 5:30 PM: 

Weekly Phone Bank for our region (this weekend we called Calaveras Democrats…that was fun!), Saturday 10-1: 

That is 5 opportunities for participation!

Which one are you signing up for?

Don’t need to limit it to one, but at least one….okay?