A Letter to the Editor…


Calaveras County Voters,

Now that the dust has settled, the Calaveras County Democrats want to thank everyone who participated in this historic election. The proof of the existence of a vibrant Democracy is active voter engagement. Never before have we had so many Calaveras residents turn out to work in support of our Democracy. Here in Calaveras County we had record volunteer turn out. You volunteered your property for hundreds of signs in support of Democratic candidates. You wrote thousands of postcards and letters to encourage neighbors to vote. You stood on street corners across the County to show your support for our shared values. 

We plan to build on this momentum by continuing to work on local issues that affect us all – helping to maintain local parks and the environment, connecting with underrepresented communities, developing candidates for local offices, boards and commissions, working to provide resources to the most vulnerable among us. We invite you to join us as we strive to unite our community. We’re all in this together. And as we’ve proven…together we can make a difference.

With pride and appreciation,

Laura Lowell

Chair, Calaveras County Democratic Central Committee


 How else can you help?

Please consider making a donation to the Calaveras Democrats. Prior to Covid-19 we held monthly meetings. Besides giving us an opportunity to hear from different speakers, see friends, and getting to know new members, we also collected donations. Zoom isn’t a great way to get donations but we’ve continued to cover our costs and contribute to various campaigns. Please consider donating through the link below.


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