Our Core Beliefs

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The Constitution

We believe in the Constitution

  • Promoting the “general welfare” of the people as written in the preamble to the U.S. Constitution
  • Equal protection of the civil rights of all persons in the United States irrespective of race, creed, national origin, sex, gender, sexual orientation, age, abilities, or legal status
  • Fiercely protecting the right of all citizens to vote
  • A woman’s right to make her own reproductive choices
  • The strong defense of First Amendments rights and freedoms
  • Campaign finance reform including repealing “Citizens United”

What this means for residents of Calaveras County:

  • Government works for “we the people,” not the corporations.
  • Every citizen’s vote should count equally — not the amount of money they have.
  • The state has no business regulating the private decisions of individuals.
  • Every person who graduates from high school should know how our government works.
Economic Justice

We Believe in Economic Justice

  • Living wage for all Americans with equal pay for equal work
  • Safe working conditions
  • A fair tax system
  • Affordable housing
  • Investment in rural economic development, including low-cost broadband access
  • Strong oversight of high-risk financial markets
  • Safeguarding the Dodd-Frank statutes on consumer and bankruptcy protection

What this means for residents of Calaveras County:

  • Fair wages for the work that everyone does whether they are ranchers, store clerks, or lawyers.
  • Men and women make the same wages for the same type of work.
  • Everyone pays their fair share of taxes – no loopholes, no offshore accounts.
  • Stop bankers from ripping off homeowners and credit card users.
  • Require investments in the economic opportunities of rural areas.
  • County needs a focus on economic development.
Universal Right to Health Care

We believe in the universal right to healthcare

  • Medicare for all (single-payer)
  • An emphasis on preventative care
  • Investing in rural healthcare delivery
  • Expansion of local health clinics
  • Controlling drug costs

What this means for residents of Calaveras County:

  • A financially strong health care system with quality healthcare.
  • Equal access to healthcare services irrespective of prior medical conditions, age, income level, or social status.
  • Support for local healthcare clinics and mobile healthcare services.
  • Broadband and access to computers for online medical evaluations.
  • Emphasis on preventative care including dental and vision services.
  • No insurance premiums or co-pays.
Universal Public Education

We believe in universal public education

  • Free education for all (elementary/high/trade school, college)
  • Equity for all students in the quality of their education
  • Substantially greater investment in advanced technical education
  • Broadband access for all students
  • Restore civics as a high-school curriculum requirement

What this means for residents of Calaveras County:

  • Every child gets a free quality public education.
  • This promise of a free education goes through trade school and college.
  • Every child will have access to high-speed internet services.
  • Invest in advanced technical education for any student that pursues this career path.
  • An accredited, online junior college focused on Calaveras students.
  • Continuing education for adult learners.
Preservation and Restoration of the Global Environment

We believe in the preservation and restoration of the global environment

  • Tax credits and subsidies for alternative energy programs
  • Development of value-added industries utilizing our natural resources
  • Support for international agreements regulating human-caused climate change
  • Increased investments in carbon substitution
  • Accelerating the cleanup of environmental hazard sites
  • Smarter use of natural resources for the benefit of all

What this means for residents of Calaveras County:

  • Innovative businesses that leverage our natural resources.
  • Cleanup hazardous environmental waste sites including mines, watersheds, and old industrial sites.
  • Subsidies and tax credits for upgrading home heating/cooling, insulation, and energy generation systems (including solar).
A Strong and Transparent Defense Policy

We believe in a strong and transparent defense policy

  • War should never be used, except as a last option
  • Pro-active policies for national cyber-defense
  • Giving our intelligence agencies the ability to offer independent assessments
  • Establishing independent oversight of defense technology investments

What this means for residents of Calaveras County:

  • The Iraq War of 2003-2011 cost the citizens of the United States $1.1 trillion, was based on false premises (weapons of mass destruction), and was never authorized with a formal Declaration of War by Congress. The National Security Agency warned that the signals intelligence was ambiguous. Nearly five hundred brave troops from California lost their lives in this war.
  • Every computer in the United States is vulnerable to cyber-hacking because of poor national policies. This includes water and electrical systems, nuclear power plants, and public safety systems. The Calaveras County website was hit by a suspected Iranian group
Investing in and Improving Our Public Safety Infrastructure

We believe in investing in and improving our public safety infrastructure

  • Public safety needs to be managed as a holistic system including law enforcement, fire suppression, medical response, and social services related to probation, parole, addiction, and mental health services
  • Establish a uniform medical response system for geographic areas
  • Expand neighborhood watch programs

What this means for residents of Calaveras County:

  • Stop the revolving door of hiring and training new Deputy Sheriff’s and jail custody officers only to have them move on to adjacent higher paying jurisdictions. Create pay and promotional opportunity ladders for retention.
  • Create county-wide uniform medical response services. End subscriptions.
  • Establish and support addiction and mental health transition services and housing.
  • Expand community participation in crime prevention and neighborhood support programs.

We believe in Civility

  • Listening
  • Respect for the differences of others
  • Collaborative solutions

What this means for residents of Calaveras County:

  • Friendly neighborhoods.
  • Increased participation in community projects.
  • Less need for government intervention.
  • Embracing differences.
  • Longer lives.
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