Algiers Street Walking Bridge


FROM: Ryan Heryford

RE: Algiers Street Walking Bridge Sponsorship

TO: Murphys Community Supporter

I am writing you this letter to tell you of a community concern of mine. The Algiers Street road bridge near Murphys Park has been a safety hazard for local pedestrians for a long time. Tourists and locals find the Black Bart Theater parking lot a great place to park, but they must cross the dangerous one-lane road bridge to walk to the park, Veterans Memorial and Main Street. On popular weekends, the bridge becomes a bottleneck and can get jammed up with both pedestrians and vehicles. I have been working on a solution to fix this unsafe situation.

My project consists of the installation of a 60’ walking bridge, parallel to the existing Algiers Street road bridge (See attached image). This bridge has been my Eagle Scout and Senior Project for the past year. The walking bridge area has been surveyed, engineered, had a wetlands study done and is now ready for construction. I have already received approval from Calaveras County Public Works, Union Public Utility District, the Calaveras Board of Supervisors and the Department of Fish and Wildlife for this project. Although this is my personal goal and project, this bridge has been and is to me a community effort, and without your help, we will not be able to complete it. The estimated remaining budget for the entire project is approximately $45,000 (See attached cost breakdown). Construction materials and labor, including the bridge, will be sourced locally. If all the necessary funds are allocated, we can begin construction as early as April!

If you would like to be a part of this project, your donation check can be made payable to the Calaveras Community Foundation (CCF) with a note that it should be deposited for the use of the Algiers Street Walking Bridge Sponsorship. Their address is Post Office Box 1436, Angels Camp, CA 95222. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, the IRS recognizes the Foundation as a recipient for tax deductible donations. You can also go to their website and donate through PayPal. After your donation, CCF will send you a letter recognizing your contribution. Funding needed by March 31st.

If you would like more information about this project, please feel free to contact me at my email address:, or my cell phone 209-768-9882.

Together, we can make our community a safer place!!!

Thank you,

Ryan Heryford
ALGIERS STREET WALKING BRIDGE Support a part or portion of the Bridge!!

Site Surveying: (PAID by Donor) $ 500.00

Permits: (PAID by Donor) 260.00

Engineering/Plans (PAID by Donor) 5,100.00

Erosion Control 300.00

Equipment 1,200.00

Form Materials 600.00

Rebar 1,415.00

Concrete Pump Truck 1,200.00

Concrete 3,063.00

Crane 1,015.00

Bridge 17,500.00

Special Inspections 800.00

Miscellaneous Materials/Incidentals 750.00

Labor Costs 16,800.00

Any amount of a donation will be appreciated and welcomed.
Send to: CCF at PO Box 1436, Angels Camp, CA 95222 With Notation: “Algiers Walking Bridge”

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