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Axios is a news aggregator site that provides various newsletters to help you to keep up-to-date on various topics. For several years I’ve been a regular reader of the AxiosAM/AxiosPM newsletters. It is a twice-daily newsletter with an emphasis on politics.  Their usual format is a brief overview with a link to the original story.  This allows you to easily get the backup information on any story that piques your interest.  I have never caught them posting a false story.

In March, AxiosPM added a new element to the newsletter: the Finish Line.  Their press release states:

Why it matters: This new newsletter will be short, essential and aspirational: tips & tricks for thinking smarter about life and the big trends shaping it. The authors will draw on their rolling conversations with CEOs, inventors, investors, educators, and leaders to end your day with healthy and helpful insights to sleep on.

This is a series of articles on ways to improve the quality of your life with an occasional article to introduce you to a topic that may become an important part of your future.  Many of them have been excellent.  Unfortunately, they don’t have an easy way to find the articles unless you’ve kept a bunch of their emails.

Fine.  I’m doing it here.  I will periodically update this list, so I hope you’ll check back for newer articles.


Find your tough-love life coach by Jim VandeHei, 414/22

MacKenzie Scott’s astonishing generosity by Erica Pandey, 4/13/22

Trust your gut by Erica Pandey, 4/12/22

Hottest new kids’ social media platform by Mike Allen, Erica Pandey, and Jim VandeHei, 4/11/11 (link missing)

The secret sauce for success: “construct greatness” by Jim VandeHei, 4/7/22

The next great free speech debate by Jim VandeHei, 4/6/22

Your kids’ future, foretold by Mike Allen, Erica Pandey, and Jim VandeHei, 4/5/11 (link missing)

7,000 steps can save your life by Erica Pandey, 4/4/22

Seeking the killers with humility at work by Jim VandeHei, 3/31/22

Democracy is good for your health by Erica Pandey, Jim VandeHei, 3/30/22

How to think smartly about crypto by Erica Pandey, 3/29/2022

Night owl gets the worm by Erica Pandey, Mike Allen, Jim VandeHei,  3/28/2022

Learning good lessons from bad people by Jim VandeHei, 3/18/2022

What I’ve learned from Mike Allen and Mister Rogers by Jim VandeHei, 3/17/2022

How stronger hands lengthen your life by Erica Pandey, Jim VandeHei, 3/16/2022

Why there’s never been a better time to start a business by Erica Pandey, Jim VandeHei, 3/15/2022

3 ways leaders can win with soft power by Jim VandeHei, 3/13/2022

How to simplify your life — and get rid of your stuff by Erica Pandey, 3/12/2022



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