Calaveras County Board of Supervisors Meeting Notes – 04/21/2021


The Calaveras Board of Supervisors meetings are much more important than you may realize.  One of our members, Janet, has generously been taking detailed notes which gives you a chance to follow along.

This link is from the  4/21/21 meeting.  If you’d like to see the actual meeting, a video is available through the County’s website.  If you’d like to download Janet’s notes, they can be found here: 20210421-Calaveras -BOSb

We’ve mainly included the detailed notes here from the Public Health Updates.  We’ve mentioned other items but refer you to Janet’s notes and the video for additional information.  Watching the whole video will give you complete information and an appreciation for Janet’s willingness to take these notes.

Pubic meeting called to order at 9:08 a.m.

Public Health Update

5. Public Health Services (ID # 5964) Receive an update presentation from staff on COVID-19 (novel coronavirus)

Sam Leach – 38,861 tests completed, 2,060 positive,10 active cases, 1,999 recovered, 0 active hospitalization, 51 fatalities.
• Last week received 1,170 doses of vaccines, administered 27,709 doses to date. Clinics on Tuesday and Thursdays at Frogtown. 16 and over are eligible. 16-17 year olds can only get Pfizer. Go to MyTurn for scheduling appointments.
• Most people who have wanted to get shots, have but still have some first dose appointments. Probably in mid-May, they will slow down.
• Free covid testing today at Ironstone 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; April 23 in Copper at the Armory 9:30 a.m. to noon.
• Have seen a significant decrease in participation at travel clinics so may stop those soon. But plenty of places to get tested.
• Last Tuesday, 10,707 were fully vaccinated; 5,504 received the first dose; 11% to 12% of our population are currently ineligible.
• We will move from red to orange tier today. Good news for businesses because less restrictive; restaurants will go from 25% capacity to 50% capacity.
Doug Archer – Mark Twain Hospital
• 12 patients in-house but none covid related.
• Started covid vaccines last Saturday. This Saturday we have 700 vaccines available; provided  536 doses last Saturday. Hoping to continue until we reach a good vaccination for the County.
• Hoping this Saturday all 700 slots will fill up.
• Sign up at MyTurn.

Public Comments
Mr. Stoughton – what is the policy regarding giving shots to people who don’t live in the county. Saw in the newspaper an article where a non-county person received the vaccine and some Calaveras County residents are feeling like that should have been their shot.
Sam Leach – leading up to April 1st, per the State, we were expected to hold the line regarding who got vaccinated: had to live or work in Calaveras County. We turned people away who did not qualify. When we got on MyTurn on April 1 it would be a statewide system. Not a county policy but a state policy that shifted in April. Have empty slots just about every day except the traveling sites because of fewer doses. Today, massive amounts at Frogtown, we have empty slots every day at Frogtown so they can get shots any Tuesday or Thursday. We have tried to get the word out via social media, newspaper, etc. Now is going to more statewide process, not just county. Very different now because we have the availability of doses to give to people who show up. Accepting walk-ins at Frogtown as well but encourage people to make an appointment.

Staff Announcements
• Lisa Medina – Environmental Management Agency – April is heartworm awareness month. Contact the local vet for heartworm preventative treatment for your dogs.

Public Comments
• Mr. Stoughton – Supervisors Callaway and Garamendi stated they would like more public participation. What would you like me to talk about? The public doesn’t participate because they see it as a hostile environment because they have allowed public members to attack other public members and it is not appropriate in this environment. Make sure you are working in
the framework you are supposed to work under.

Consent Agenda

6. Minutes of Board of Supervisors – Special Meeting – March 30, 2021 9:00 AM

7. Economic & Community Development (ID # 5996) 1) Adopt the plans and specifications for Job Order Contracting Projects for the County Administrative Office; 2) Authorize the Interim County Administrative Officer to incorporate any final changes into the respective bid documents before advertising for bids, subject to County Counsel approval to the extent said change affect any contractual terms or conditions; and 3) Authorize the Interim County Administrative Officer to solicit formal construction bids.

8. Administrative Office (ID # 6023) Approve form of Board letter of support regarding the Eastern Segment of the State Route 4 Wagon Trail Realignment Project for directed project funding.

Public Comments
• Motion to approve consent agenda items (with exception of item #8) – Passed – 5- 0.
• Motion to approve consent agenda item #8 – Passed – 5- 0.

Regular Agenda

9. Division of Cannabis Control (ID # 5993) Approve Board letter of support to State Senator Anna Caballero regarding SB-59, extending the sunset date for provisional licensing under the Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MAUCRSA)

Greg Waylan – Director of Cannabis Control – concerned about how the state issues provisional license to cannabis applicants. Been able to coordinate our process with the state and have worked out well to complete all requirements and could get a permit issued and validated after they get a provisional license. Provisional licenses, about 90%, rely on this provisional license. We believe it is important to continue to avoid any profound impact on our local industry that has complied with all requirements. Included letter expressing support. Believes it would be beneficial to continue this process.
Public Comments – none
• Motion to approve – Passed – 5- 0.

10. Assessor (ID # 6029) Receive information from staff and provide direction regarding
possible changes to help mitigate the Grand Jury findings.

Leslie Davis – County Assessor – presented a PowerPoint presentation. Please refer to PowerPoint for complete information.
• Grand Jury has provided their findings and recommendations.
• Grand Jury found admin should develop comprehensive staffing and work methods analysis. More than 3 years behind on residential and 4 years behind on business. Recommending eliminate back log in one year. That is not possible because of the amount and length of events.
• Work in progress at this point in time – 7,168 re-appraisable events, 3,454 new construction events, 1,815 of events are incomplete new construction; 21 are another type of events. 2,697 have two or more events on the same parcel; 3,728 values to roll – meaning they have been reappraised. Authorized overtime to staff, 3 have taken advantage of this, not everyone wants to spend many hours at work.
• Recommendation to plan for public outreach – can’t reasonably accommodate because it takes time and distal information into sound bites is time-consuming and difficult. This PowerPoint was very difficult to prepare so it could be understandable to the public.
• Finding market analysis is time-consuming. Agrees. Recommended we invoke Rule 2, define market value and define rebuttal presumption. Will streamline how we value property.
• Use first in first out process – is designed to ensure everyone is treated the same, intended to get the older re-appraisable events first; then will minimize the number of the workflow processes. Need to treat everyone equitably.
• Grand Jury concerned a lot about the backlog. Asked Assessor to report to BOS quarterly. She suggests quarterly progress to BOS on or about every three months during time department heads can report out.
• Challenge to recruit and retain qualified staff – she agrees. Has been a challenge to retain qualified staff. Lost 2 more appraisers, down to 1 appraiser and 1 chief appraiser. Can’t recruit a senior appraiser. Thanks to Judy and Christa for their assistance on how they might change things.
• Impacts of backlog can’t be understood unless working in the office. Taxpayers are bearing the brunt of this. They could get hit with a bill for four prior years and a supplement tax and it puts them in a very difficult position. Roll corrections are very time-consuming. Working diligently to work on backlog.
• County General Fund impact – impacted because they are behind. Options – bring in consultants – but need at least 2 bids; 1 company interested in helping but hasn’t found any other company willing to bid; bring in limited term or extra hire folks – if training is required, it is very time-consuming.
• Prop 15 failed on the 2020 ballot but an effort to revise and make some changes.
• Have started career paths to train them to move them up the org chart. Lost 2 employees last year to Amador County. Paid 9% to 30% higher.
• She is the only department head who doesn’t have a deputy. Didn’t previously fill for 3 years because of the recession and layoffs. Currently, they are growing. Having an assistant assessor/chief deputy would be a key component to have them be efficient. Proposing to delete appraiser position and reclassify 2 appraisers 1 to appraiser aide/trainee; reclassify 3 – assessment technicians to assessment analyst. Need to recognize the value of the work these folks are doing.
• Reorgs add about $61,000 in annualized costs and that includes benefits.
• Regarding consolidation of assessor and clerk-recorder office – combined offices do have deputies in assessor and clerk-recorder office. Asked colleagues in consolidated districts re pros and cons. Received responses from 16 counties (approximately 1/2 of consolidated counties) that stated it is more efficient and beneficial to the public, provides an additional career path for staff. Most challenging is the learning upfront due to the consolidation.

Public Comments

• None
Motion not required at this time. Will bring it back to BOS for a vote at a later time.

11. Human Resources (ID # 60006) Provide direction to staff on 1) Class and Comp Study, 2) Elected Officials Salaries, 3) Consolidation of Departments.

Judy Hawkins – Director – presented a PowerPoint presentation. Please refer to PowerPoint for complete information.
• No employees are being paid below minimum wage but want to make sure they are being paid competitively.
• Assessor, Treasurer, Tax Collector, and Auditor – when we compared them to different counties which were negotiated in an MOU, averages were brought back and we are below the average. The problem it creates is their primary assistants are bumping up to them. All positions are being impacted up by the elected officials. Elected officials are falling behind the appointed positions.
• We are not competitive and we are having a difficult time recruiting. These positions are working heads of their department.
• District Attorney and Sheriff – they are not as far out of line as the above positions.
• Consolidation of Departments – Assessor and Clerk Recorders Office is done in other counties. Found 28 out of 58 that have these offices combined. In reviewing the Sheriff’s office, 43 of 58 counties is sheriff-coroner combined and creates efficiency.
• Need by December 2021, would like ordinances in place by August 2021.
• Different types of comp studies. This will take 12 to 18 months to complete. Want a majority of classifications to be studied and appropriately classified. The last time it was done by an outside agency was 2002.
• Comp policy – the purpose is to have a good process on how to manage data and how to fix and implement the process. The contractor can assist in writing this process to be able to put it in place and bring it to the board to adopt.
• Recommended steps – put out RFP for comp study, include salary adjustments and recommended budget, provide direction on office consolidations.

Public Comments

Motion not required at this time. Will bring back to BOS for a vote at a later time.

Supervisor Announcements

Supervisor Tofanelli – attended Mountain Valley MS meeting last Wednesday, put committee together to meet with Stanislaus County. Will meet early next week and will report out next Tuesday.
Supervisor Callaway – have a virtual SEASAC conference and board meeting this week.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 2:00 p.m.








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