Calaveras County Board of Supervisors Meeting Notes – 05/18/2021


The Calaveras Board of Supervisors meetings are much more important than you may realize.  One of our members, Janet, has generously been taking detailed notes which gives you a chance to follow along.

This link is from the 5/18/21 meeting.  If you’d like to see the actual meeting, a video is available through the County’s website.  If you’d like to download Janet’s notes, they can be found here:Calaveras County BoS 20210518 meeting notes

We’ve mainly included the detailed notes here from general interest items like the Public Health Updates.  We list all items on the agenda but often only include the initial paragraph from Janet’s notes.  I refer you to Janet’s notes and the video for additional information.  Watching the whole video will give you complete information and an appreciation for Janet’s willingness to take these extensive notes.

Pubic meeting called to order at 9:05 a.m.

Staff Announcements

• None

Public Health Update

1. Public Health Services (ID # 6057) Receive an update presentation from staff on
COVID-19 (novel coronavirus).

• Connie Rodriquez – Deputy Director – 42,000 tests completed, 2,143 positive, 8 active, 2,080 recovered, 0 hospitalizations, 55 deaths. As of May 16th – 33% fully vaccinated, 43% eligible received one vaccine, includes 16+ and older; will change when 12+ get vaccinated. Remain in the orange tier.
• Continue to offer in-home vaccines – will be J&J for those 18+. Call 209.419.7314 if interested. Pfizer approved for 12 to 16-year-olds. Those will require a parent or guardian present in order to be vaccinated. Register for vaccines at MyTurn or call 833.422.4255. Vaccine registration continues to decline and no shows continue to increase.
• This week ends the shots at Frogtown. Will begin at targeted areas in the county. May 23 is the last day at Mark Twain Hospital. Thanked them for all their support.
• Valley Springs Health & Wellness will start their vaccine clinics. Today at Frogtown – 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.; Veterans Hall Valley Springs – 9 a.m. to noon; Frogtown 9 am. To 4 p.m.; Valley Springs Health & Wellness; Saturday Mark Twain and Valley Springs. Can go to and all dates and times are listed. Vaccines are also available at CVS and RiteAide.
• People can choose what clinics they want to go to and what shot they would prefer with the exception of the home shot visits – those are J&J so there is only one visit. They have to bring a nurse, ambulance and have to schedule out visits so they can get the shots out timely and efficiently.
• Doug Archer – Mark Twain Hospital
• This Saturday will be the final vaccine clinic but remain ready to help out. If demand is there they can do spot clinics.
• Appreciates partnership with public health. Happy with relationship and will build on it.
Dr. Rene Ramirez – Calaveras County Health Officer
• The light is at the end of the tunnel. The more people we can get vaccinated the quicker we can get back to our normal life.
• Reservations regarding younger children – the science behind the vaccine is what is driving it; your body
activates its own response and your body is properly equipped to fight off the virus. Will be taking his son to get his shot in July when he turns 12. His son wants to gets the shot. If any reservation, speak with your pediatrician.
• Supervisor Garamendi – appreciates all the hard work at Frogtown and appreciates the county has given people who want the vaccine the availability to get it.
Public Comments – None

Regular Agenda

2. Integrated Waste Management (ID # 6067) Receive a presentation on Integrated Waste Management and Provide staff direction concerning revisions to the tipping and solid waste parcel fee schedules and concerning the design of Phase III at the Rock Creek Landfill.

• Paul Feriani – Director and Jennifer Pratt — Department Analyst for IWM – presented PowerPoint presentation. Please review for detailed information.
• 23 employees at Rock Creek. 6 outlying transfer stations – operated by a subcontractor.
• Rock Creek is a canyon landfill and divided into 4 phases; 57 acres; been open for about 31 years which is about 1/3 of its life.
• 2004 bought land on the east and west side – a total of 735 acres.
• Equipment at Rock Creek – 10 vehicles, 23 large heavy equipment; spend about $500,000 annually on maintenance because all equipment is so old. Hoping to begin ten-year replacement plan of vehicles starting next year.
• Redhill and Rock Creek monitored by a number of agencies throughout the state.
• Budget – see PowerPoint for specific and detailed information. The majority of total revenue is consumed by total major expenses they have. Total Revenue – $5,200,000; Total Expense – $8,100,000; Total – $(2,900,000).

Please review the .pdf notes and/or video links listed at the top of the page for additional information.
• Motion not required at this time. Will bring back to BOS for a vote at a later time.

Supervisor Announcements

Supervisor Tofanelli – had LAFCO meeting last night, Supervisor Callaway was elected chair – congratulations.
Chair Stopper – showed up Saturday to homecoming, well attended and people were respectful of each other. Glad to see Calaveras moving again.

Meeting adjourned at 10:57 a.m.



Upcoming Events

November 30, 2021
1:30 PM / 5:30 PM

Vitalent Blood Drive

San Andreas Town Hall
24 Church Hill Road, San Andreas, CA 95249
Vitalent is doing a Blood Drive on Tuesday, 11/30.  This is an important and easy way to help your community. Please go to their site, where you can reserve your preferred time.


You will need to wear a mask and fill in a health questionnaire on the day of the donation. You can go to the above site ON THE DAY OF DONATION and fill in the questionnaire online.  It's not all bad -- after you donate, they have cookies and/or snacks.

Calaveras Community - San Andreas Town Hall 24 Church Hill Road SAN ANDREAS, CA, 95249 Open 1:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Btw, they do take "walk-ins" contingent on space -- but there may be a delay.  Also, if you have a handicapped placard, you can park directly across the street at the fire department -- but don't block any access or other vehicles.
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December 14, 2021
3:00 PM / 5:00 PM

December Holiday Appetizer Potluck!

Vida Buena Farm
3286 Vallecito Bypass Road, Vallecito, CA 95251

~ December 14, 3:00-5:00 pm ~

Annual Holiday Potluck

A time for us to come together again in person!

We love your faces on Zoom but we miss the live bodies!

Vida Buena Farm 3286 Vallecito Bypass Road, Vallecito

Directions >>

Bring your favorite appetizer. Beverages will be provided. Face coverings will be required, regardless of vaccination status.

The barn is large and airy, and, depending on the weather, will be opened to the outside. There are propane heaters if it is cold, but do dress appropriately in layers for warmth.

Carpools are encouraged.

The Big Red Barn at Vida Buena Farm

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