Calaveras County Board of Supervisors Meeting Notes – 3/8/2022


One of our members feels it’s important that everyone has access to the items that come up in our Board of Supervisors meetings.  Janet cares enough that she takes wonderful notes and we publish them here.  I’ve learned a huge amount just by reading through her notes over the last year and have also developed a lot of respect for the people who work for and represent the County.

This meeting included a lot of discussion on Agenda Items 11 (Cannabis tax rate) and 12 (Mid-year Budget review).  Please read through Janet’s notes for detailed information.  bos-meeting-notes-3-8-2022

If you’ve ever wondered why the Agenda items sometimes start down the list, it’s because we only list the public agenda items.  If you go back to the County’s links for the meetings, you can see any items discussed in the private session (things that legally can’t be discussed in a public meeting).  There are also links for the background materials that were made available to the Supervisors to study before the meeting.  We also include a link to the video so that you can watch the full meeting.

Staff Announcements

• Lisa Medina – Environmental Management Agency Director – thanked volunteers, in February they spent 322 hours of their time walking dogs. February had 12 dogs adopted. The first free rabies and vaccine clinic is to be held next Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon.

Recognition and Acknowledgments

2. Informational Item – Agriculture (ID # 6565) Receive the annual Calaveras 4-H presentation.

• Clerk – removed the item and will bring it back at another date (see general comments).

3. Proclamation – Economic & Community Development (ID # 6529) Approve a Proclamation designating March 2022 as Arts Education Month in Calaveras County.

Supervisor Callaway read the proclamation.
Public Comment
Kathy Mazzaferro – Executive Director – I love all our programs, invited all students of all high schools to see the displays. We celebrate all these kids, especially what it means to them over the past two years. Thanked the BOS for all their support and encouragement.
Motion to approve Proclamation – Passed – 5 – 0.

4. Proclamation – Clerk of the Board of Supervisors (ID # 6530) Adopt a Proclamation recognizing March 2022 as American Red Cross Month in Calaveras County.

• Chair Folendorf agreed to remove the item at the request of Marti Crane due to changing it from the beginning of the meeting to the end of the meeting and will bring back at another date (see general comments).

5. Proclamation – Health and Human Services Agency (ID # 6567) Adopt a proclamation declaring March 2022 as Social Work Appreciation Month in Calaveras County.

• Mary Johnson – Deputy Director of Child Welfare of Calaveras County – March is the month we celebrate social workers in all they do every day in Calaveras County and the vulnerable people they help every day. Read a letter from a former Foster Youth who is now a young adult.
Supervisor Tofanelli read the proclamation.

Public Comment
• Cori Allen – HHSA Director – want to acknowledge work is heart-led but is so challenging and we want to make sure they are supported.
Motion to approve Proclamation – Passed – 5 – 0.

General Public Comment

Please view video to view comments.

Consent Agenda

6. Resolution – Clerk of the Board of Supervisors (ID # 6578) Adopt a resolution finding that the COVID-19 pandemic state of emergency continues to present imminent risks to the health or safety of attendees without a teleconference participation option.

7. Action Item – Clerk of the Board of Supervisors (ID # 6583) Appointment of applicants to serve on various Committees, Commissions, Advisory Boards and County Service Areas.

8. Agreement – Public Works (ID # 6563) 1) Award Invitation to Bid 21-1200-06-912 for construction services for the Schadd Road over Forest Creek Bridge Project; and 2) Authorize the Board Chair to execute an Agreement for construction of Schadd Road over Forest Creek Bridge Project between Calaveras County and Viking Construction Company, Inc. in an amount not to exceed $2,489,867.

9. Action Item – County Clerk-Recorder & Registrar of Voters (ID # 6581) Make a public benefit finding and approve Supervisor Tofanelli’s request to redistribute the District 1 Travel Fund allocation of $2,500 to San Andreas Fire Protection District ($1,000), Calaveras Consolidated Fire Protection District ($1,000), and the Valley Springs Boosters ($500). Requires a 4/5 vote of the Board.

Motion to approve consent agenda items 6 – 9 – Passed 5 – 0.

Regular Agenda

10. Action Item – Administrative Office (ID # 6593) Provide direction to staff regarding recommendations for Congressionally Directed Spending Requests.

• Chair Folendor – moving to another date.

11. Action Item – Division of Cannabis Control (ID # 6584) Adopt an Uncodified Ordinance Reducing the Cannabis Cultivation Tax Rates Specified in Section 3.56.050(B)(1)-(3) By 60% on a Temporary Basis as Authorized by Section 3.56.070; Authorize Summary Publication. Requires Affirmative 4/5 Vote.

• Doug Oliver – interim Director of Cannabis Control – heard the first reading in February.
Nothing to add but recommends BOS adopt this ordinance.
Public Comment
Motion to approve – Passed 4- 1 (Supervisor Tofanelli – no).

12. Action Item – Administrative Office (ID # 6591) Receive the FY 2021-22 Mid-Year Budget presentation; approve the Mid-Year Budget adjustments and Capital Asset List included in Attachments A, B and C. Requires a 4/5th affirmative vote of the Board.

Christa Von Lotta – CAO – presented PowerPoint presentation and lengthy discussion.
Please review video for detailed information.
• Budgeted vs Actual Expenses – we were conservative; budgeted expenses high and revenues low; wanted to make sure we had enough to pay for what we needed. Did this in large part due to Covid. The General Fund – we have several vacant positions so that is why the number is so high.
• Salaries & Benefits – largest GF Expenditures – $16.5 million; 43.2% spent vs budget.
Services & Supplies – Second largest category – $11.4 million; 43.8% spent vs budget.
• Overtime Costs – 52.8% of Budget – $721,600; up from 46.2% over prior year; FY 2020-21 at $586,200.
• RIM Loans/Transfers – Budgeted approximately $6.2 million; As of 12/31/21 – $2.9 RIM loans; Status update from OES to be provided to BOS on outstanding revenues at March 22, 2022 meeting.
Revenues – remain to trend high; caution that two things are true; sales tax – we are over our projection but partially because of inflation with gas and oil, for example; paying more for same services. Revenues are up as a result of taxes generally.
Revenues – General Fund – approximately $34 million ($31.5 million in the prior year). 47.6% of budgeted revenue. All Funds – overall at 47.1% of budgeted revenue. Overall revenue collection is strong.
Excise Tax Revenues – Total budget: $3,209.702. Total received as of 12.31.21 – $1,929,009. Excise Taxes – Dispensaries – $284,341 (14.7%) as of 12.31.21. Excise Taxes – Cultivation – $1,644,668 as of 12.31.21.
Mid-Year Summary – Key Areas Impacting Mid-Year Position – Excise Tax; FY 2021-22 5.3% reduction and salary savings; increased revenue projections; budgeted teeter transfer of $4 million, no transfer anticipated as of 6.30.22; Budgeted RIM Loans and Disaster Budgets; ARPA Funding. Anticipating a $6.5 million fund balance which is a conservative fund balance.

Motion to approve and include items #5 and 6 – Passed 5 – 0.

Supervisor Announcements

Supervisor Callaway – had a CSAC meeting last week.  The Board voted to oppose a potential ballot measure – the Taxpayer Protection Government Accountability Act (it was also opposed by the League of California Cities). It would have a significant impact on city, county, schools, and special districts; would amend the constitution; we would have to send fees to the voters and require 2/3rd vote; would limit agencies from raising revenues; stringent enough that CSAC has taken opposition to the potential ballot measure.
Supervisor Garamendi – tomorrow will be going to the RCRC regular meeting and installation of officers and awards. Would like to thank other BOS for their blue and yellow colors in support of Ukraine as the people fight for their freedom and democracy.
Chair Folendorf – four BOS and staffers went to COG groundbreaking for Phase 1 of the Wagon Trail project. She was impressed with Robert Pachinger’s words at this event and thought that Supervisor Tofanelli did a great job as the MC. There will be a Copper Cove Rocky Road CSD meeting this Thursday at 6 p.m. at Black Creek that I will be attending. Today is International Women’s Day – shout out to all the females that we work and collaborate with.


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