Calaveras County Board of Supervisors Meeting Notes – 01/12/2021


The Calaveras Board of Supervisors meetings are much more important than you may realize.  One of our members, Janet, has generously been taking detailed notes which gives you a chance to follow along.

This link is from the 1/12/21 meeting.  If you’d like to see the actual meeting, a video is available through the County’s website.  If you’d like to download Janet’s notes, they can be found here: 20210112-Calaveras-BOS

We’ve mainly included the detailed notes here from the Public Health Updates.  We’ve mentioned other items but refer you to Janet’s notes and the video for additional information.  Watching the whole video will give you complete information and an appreciation for Janet’s willingness to take these notes.

Pubic meeting called to order at 9:09 a.m.

Election of Chair and Vice-Chair

  • Supervisor Callaway discussed the challenges of the 2020 year and its accomplishments.
  • Supervisor Garamendi nominated Stopper as Chair – approved 5-0
  • Supervisor Stopper took over as Chair and thanked Callaway for her services.
  • Supervisor Callaway nominated Amanda Folendorf for Vice-Chair – approved 5-0

Staff Announcements

  • Kathy Gallino – CA Relief Grant Program – first round will close tomorrow and targeted for our small businesses – go to

Public Health Update

#2. Public Health Services (ID # 5801) Receive an update presentation from staff on COVID-19 (novel coronavirus)

  • Sam Leach, interim – started December 22, 2020 – has a learning curve but wants to provide some clarity to the public.
  • 580 vaccines into arms to date – firefighters, medical personnel, EMT, assisted living population.
  • Doug Archer, Mark Twain – next Monday, January 18, we will launch a vaccine clinic in San Andreas for people 75+; will publish by Thursday morning with a phone number to set up an appointment.  Must have an appointment, not first come first serve, more orderly. On the first day we want to provide 100 vaccinations, then will tweak to streamline the process. Can do 200 to 250 per day thereafter.  Will offer four days per week based on vaccine availability. Will verify age and residence so it stays to Calaveras’ residents. We will be doing some pre-screening over the phone. We will schedule a second dose appointment as well. Share the information with family and friends. It is an open clinic so you don’t have to be a Mark Twain member: no fees, available to any resident.
  • We will probably be using Moderna and the second dose is four weeks later. Will have both doses available. Reach peak immunity 7 to 10 days after the second dose.
  • Sam Leach stated school districts will begin vaccinations for staff and teachers next week so schools can begin to open.
  • Will monitor people 15 minutes after the shot to make sure there are no reactions.
  • Sam Leach stated Calaveras’ release of vaccine schedule has not been approved by the State yet. The State is still making some adjustments to tiers but locally we are keeping up with tiers strategically and systematically.
  • We’re coordinating with State in an equitable manner. We will launch the dashboard on the website by end of this week so data will be available to the public. We will be up and running by the end of this week.
  • Opening a call center and will be open by Thursday.
  • Last week tested over 240 people. We have two days of testing per week. Every Tuesday at Ironstone and will rotate every Wednesday throughout Calaveras County. We still have testing at Sonora as well. Info is on the website.
  • Added infographic regarding tiers and is always subject to change and will have constant changes and updates.
  • 922 confirmed cases, 31 active, 22 deaths. County status widespread, regional stay-at-home order is in place.
  • Calaveras is in the San Joaquin region and predetermined; can’t leave that region. Mark Twain is doing fairly well compared to other hospitals but it is a small hospital and can change any time.
  • On December 30, Sam Leach got his vaccine shot. Knows there is fear regarding shots, he felt it is safe and quick, only a little soreness at the site of the injection on his arm. Felt emotional when he got the vaccine and feels hopeful it is the beginning of the end. Talk to your doctors now to get the information you need to make a safe decision.
  • Have four ICU patients out of eight beds – much better than the San Joaquin Valley. We are doing fairly well. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to open up sooner because of the region we are in.
  • Continue to do contact tracing and we are in the serge – a spike in cases that we expected would occur in January are occurring. Need to look at it that everyone you come into contact with has Covid. The surge is real. Will get better with the vaccines.
  • Chair Stopper wants Board to put out a message regarding wearing masks, social distance, etc. that can be sent out so we can try to keep businesses open.
  • Sam Leach stated a message from firefighters and EMT that Covid is real and it needs to be taken seriously; we need to come together as a community and do the basics to support each other – wear masks, distancing, stay away from others not in your home.

Public Comments

Consent Agenda

#23. Planning (ID # 5812) Conduct a public hearing and adopt a Resolution approving 2019-052 General Plan Amendment from Residential Low Density (RDL) to Rural Residential (RR) for Sierra Parkway Properties and authorize the County to publish a brief property description and map of the subject property.

#24. Planning (ID #5813) Conduct a public hearing and adopt an Ordinance approving 2019-052 Zoning Amendment from Single Family Residential (R1) to Rural Residential (RR) for Sierra Parkway Properties and authorize the County to publish a brief property description and map of the subject property.

#25. Planning (ID # 5814) Conduct a public hearing and adopt a Resolution approving 2019-052 Tentative Subdivision Tract Map to divide 15.29 acres of land into 6 residential parcels and adopting the Mitigated  Negative Declaration and Monitory Program for Sierra Parkway Properties.

  • Approved – 5 – 0

#26 Planning (ID # 5809) Receive a presentation on the Zoning Ordinance Update

Informational item only.

#27 Clerk of the Board of Supervisors (ID # 5826) Assign members of the Board of Supervisors to various committees for the calendar year 2021

  • Motion to adopt with changes – 5 – 0.

#28 Clerk of the Board of Supervisors (ID # 5825) Appointment of applicants to serve on various Committees, Commissions, Advisory Boards, and County Service Areas.

  • Motion approved – 5 – 0

Supervisor Announcements

  • Supervisor Folendorf – looks forward to working with everyone and thanked everyone for
    welcoming her aboard.
  • Chair Stopper – feels it is more clear if he does a roll call for each vote so people know
    Supervisors voted and if any comments are needed.

Meeting adjourned at 12:09 p.m.





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