Calaveras County Board of Supervisors Meeting Notes – 12/8/2020


The Calaveras Board of Supervisors meetings are much more important than you may realize.  One of our members, Janet, has generously been taking detailed notes which gives you a chance to follow along.

This link is from the 12/8/20 meeting.  If you’d like to see the actual meeting, a video is available through the County’s website.  If you’d like to download Janet’s notes, they can be found here: 20201208-Calaveras-BOS

We’ve mainly included the detailed notes here from the Public Health Updates.  We’ve mentioned other items but refer you to Janet’s notes and the video for additional information.  Watching the whole video will give you complete information and an appreciation for Janet’s willingness to take these notes.

Pubic meeting called to order at 9:00 a.m.

Public Health Update

#6. Public Health Services (ID # 5756) Receive an update presentation from staff on COVID-19 (novel coronavirus)

A lengthy discussion occurred regarding COVID 19.

  • Was told to focus on acting as if everyone has Covid.
  • County will share hotspots in their press releases.
  • They have not identified one business as a super spreader.
  • BOSs are concerned big box stores are opened and small businesses are closed.
  • Supervisor Mills is not in support of lockdown; argues no due process per the 14th amendment.
  • The testing site moved from the Frog Town Fairgrounds in Angels to Sonora. BOSs are concerned our County is not getting tested timely and being provided the same path as Tuolumne County residents.
  • The County is working to get a testing site in Calaveras County.
  • Supervisor Callaway stated there are programs to help people and businesses. She knows some who have used the resources. The role the BOSs needs to play, and she feels they are not, is to disseminate information to the public and businesses.
  • County residents can go to Mark Twain and get tested and have a response in hours. The main issue is they have to do the testing in the emergency room and it is considered a visit and they will get billed. Also, the doctor will determine if the test is warranted or not. The hospital has access to two tests per hour and they reserve for surgeries, etc.
  • Testing is not mandated; Skilled Nursing Facilities do not require testing.
  • Supervisor Stopper stated he won’t fine his constituents; will follow State’s lead.
  • Angels’ Mayor stated they do not want to force rebellion because people and businesses’ survival is at stake.

Public comments

Regular Agenda

#29. Assessor (ID #5657) Adopt a Resolution Exempting from Taxation Real and Personal  Property where the Cost of Assessing and Collecting Exceeds the Taxes

  • Resolution dies due to lack of a motion.

#26. Administrative Office (ID # 5796) Receive a report from the Eastside Groundwater Sustainability Agency regarding roles and responsibilities in implementing the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA).

#27. Public Works (ID # 5731) Conduct a public hearing and approve the Resolution of Necessity determining the public interest and necessity requiring acquisition of property interests in Assessor’s Parcel Nos. 053-001-018, 053-001-109, 053-007-011, 053-007-031, and 053-007-032 for the State Route 4 Wagon Trail Project. Requires a 4/5ths vote of the Board.

#28. Public Works (ID # 5666) Receive a presentation on the draft 2021 Calaveras County Five-Year Public Works Capital Improvement Program

#30. Economic & Community Development (ID # 5708) Receive the 2020 Presentation by the Calaveras County Chamber of Commerce

#31. OES (ID # 5718) Receive an overview of the newly created Community Information Center Webpage

#32. Clerk of the Board of Supervisors (ID # 5754) Adopt the 20221 Board of Supervisors meeting calendar

  • All Supervisors Approved

Consent Agenda

#23. Elections (ID # 5774) Adopt a Resolution declaring the results of the canvass for the Presidential General Election held on November 3, 2020

  • Approved – 4 approved, 1 (Mills) in opposition

Meeting adjourned at 3:55 p.m.


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