Carla Jean Neal


Carla Jean Neal

CA District 5

The CCDCC supports Carla Jean because her stance on issues aligns with ours:

  • I stand with working people, for good jobs, affordable health care and quality public education. I believe in a healthy environment and protections for clean air, soil, water and wildlife and wild places like our national parks and open spaces.”
  • As a teacher, I am very concerned about the privatization of public education towards private charters and for profit schools which may pay teachers less, have unelected boards unaccountable to the local people, offer students less and allow for “Choice” of their students rather than serving all students quality education, and consistently offend constitutional prohibitions of separation of church and state in funding and curriculum. I find the “choice” and school voucher direction to be misleading our country and being 45th in the nation in education, California must work smarter to protect and strengthen education for all students.”
  • Good Government of the people, by the people and for the people is forefront in the Preamble of our US Constitution and will always be forefront in my mind as your elected representative of California’s AD 5. When the people rise up, we can beat the special interests. I have always stood for people over profits and will do so if elected to the legislature.”

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