GOP Distorts Party’s Values


In a recent advertisement in Valley Springs News, the Calaveras Republican Party described the values and ideals of the Calaveras Democratic Party in a way that is misleading at best, and a lie at worst. We, the members of the Calaveras Democratic Party want to set the record straight.

We believe in: The Constititution; economic justice for all; the universal right to healthcare and public education; the preservation and restoration of the global environment; investing in and improving our public safety infrastructure; a strong and transparent defense policy; and most importantly to this issue, civility in political discourse.

The rise in the number of engaged Democrats in Calaveras County must be unnerving for some. But for those of us who value decency, integrity, and truth, it is a sign that citizens of Calaveras County want to be better than this moment we find ourselves in. We are willing to stand up for what we believe in, and others are willing to stand with us.

We cordially invite county residents to join us for our monthly meetings to hear from us directly what we stand for, not what the Republicans say we are against. Any and all are welcome.

Laura Lowell


Calaveras County Democratic Central Committee


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