CCD Slate for November Election


CCD Slate for November Election

The upcoming election is important to Calaveras County, California, and the United States.  We have a major effort on and need a slew of volunteers — and cash.  We’ve listed the local candidates the Calaveras County Democrats are endorsing below. BTW, while they’re not all Democrats, we feel they’re the best choices for Calaveras.

If you would like to contribute to our efforts, online donations can be made through:

If you’d like to help with our GOTV (Get Out The Vote) efforts, please send an email to:


Jessica Morse

US Congressional District 04


Paulina Miranda

CA State Senate District 8


Carla Jean Neal

CA District 5


Merita Callaway

Calaveras Supervisory District 3


Ben Stopper

Calaveras Supervisory District 5


Rick DiBasilio

Calaveras County Sheriff


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