Stop the Republican Recall of Governor Gavin Newsom


There’s a recall going on in California, predominately driven by Republicans. Instead of addressing the issues important to Californians and trying to find a solution, they decided to blame everything on something or anyone else — in this case Gavin Newsom.  Their current recall effort is actually the sixth recall attempt since Gavin Newsom was elected governor.  Even more distressing, many of the early organizers for this recall are tied to far-right militias.  This time around the idea of a recall gained steam because of Governor Newsom’s efforts to control Covid-19.  Instead of working to help limit the impact of Covid-19, the organizers are blaming him for the limits.

It’s important to remember that California has had >3.6 MILLION people get infected with Covid-19. This means that for every 100K California residents, 9,281 have contracted Covid-19 and 150 died.  Over the last two weeks, our state’s rate works out to 7 cases per 100K residents (and .43 deaths per 100K).  Compare that to Michigan’s numbers of 54 or New York with 51 cases per 100K residents.  Did Governor Newsom get everything right?  No.  But he did a pretty darn good job. Does he deserve to be recalled for his efforts?  No.

The Calaveras County Democrats Central Committee has reached a consensus in our support of Governor Newsom, and has passed the following resolution.

Whereas, the effort to recall Governor Newsom is a partisan and bad faith effort, spearheaded by the minority group of Republicans who remain loyal to the former President, the California Republican Party, and top Republican donors advocating to overturn fair elections and disenfranchise voters, that is using California taxpayer dollars to derail the progress Governor Newsom has made to save lives and provide a safety net for struggling Californians, and


Whereas, the pro-recall coalition, which is heavily influenced by those who endorse dangerous and fringe ideologies, is working to disrupt and distract from California’s progress on COVID-19 recovery, equitable mass vaccinations, and reopening of schools and businesses, and


Whereas, by uniting, Democrats will prevent an extremist faction of the Republican Party from  over the California government and will organize to keep Gavin Newsom in office, an office that he has fulfilled to the best of his ability in very challenging times,


Therefore, Be It Resolved, that the Calaveras County Democratic Central Committee opposesthe recall of Governor Gavin Newsom.


Going forward, we’ll look to ways we can help Governor Newsom.  If you’d like to join us or join in our discussion, please contact us.  We’d like to hear from you.


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