To Make a Change, You Need to Do MORE!


(Credit for most of this goes to Mickey Williamson.)

It’s only 8 weeks until ballots drop! What will you sign up for this week? 

 If you complain about Tom McClintock, if you hate Tom McClintock, if you want to be rid of Tom McClintock, then you truly have to do more than just vote for Brynne.

Brynne Kennedy is running a terrific campaign against Tom McClintock — and she’s doing a great job! If you’d like to know more about Brynne, please take the time to read about her qualifications. In fact, a recent poll shows that she’s continuing to move towards winning the district:

She can do this but only with all hands on deck. Her chances are great, but she needs all of us. For those of you that live in more densely populated areas (like real neighborhoods), there is a new tool and opportunity…kind of a hybrid no-contact canvassing and phone calling that is in your neighborhood. You download and get connected to an app called PDI Connect.

There is a training (which will get you connected) every Friday at 5:00 PM. It gives you lists of voters in your immediate neighborhood, and maps! This makes it possible for you to drop off a piece of Brynne literature and a note (the literature can be printed at home) on their doorstep or fence. Then you follow up with a phone call, as a neighbor. You can call right from the app. Here is the sign up link:  

This event gives you the option to learn another app called REACH, for tracking your own conversations with friends. Take your pick! 

If you want to send friends and neighbors to an event with Brynne, a virtual house party, Janice Bassett is hosting one this Friday, August 14, at 6:00 PM. Here is the sign up link: 

And then there are, of course: Neighborhood Conversations for our region, Tuesday, noon. The topic this week is Covid-19. 

Weekly Team Meeting for our region, Wednesday, 5:30 PM: 

Weekly Phone Bank for our region (this weekend we called Calaveras Democrats…that was fun!), Saturday 10-1: 

That is 5 opportunities for participation!

Which one are you signing up for?

Don’t need to limit it to one, but at least one….okay?


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