Jessica Morse’s Debate & CCD’s Slate

Jessica Morse’s Debate & CCD’s Slate

Jessica did an INCREDIBLE job at the Mariposa Debate!!

If you didn’t get a chance to watch the debate, check it out here  on Facebook live
(you don’t need Facebook to view it) .

Articles about the debate:

In an exchange during the first debate between Congressman Tom McClintock and challenger Jessica Morse, McClintock refused to say what pre-existing conditions he considers a “nuisance.” In an interview from last year, McClintock called pre-existing health issues “nuisance conditions” that didn’t need to be protected by law; he later voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which would’ve kicked 300,000 residents of the 4th district off their health plans for having pre-existing conditions.

MORSE: He brushed off pre-existing conditions as nuisances. Is cancer a nuisance? Is asthma a nuisance? These are not nuisances, these are a matter of life and death. For Congressman McClintock, healthcare is a matter of political ideology.
McCLINTOCK: I believe we need to put sick people in assigned risk pools.

A key exchange occurred during a question on McClintock’s decision to withdraw support for a visitors center in Mariposa County to help alleviate congestion at Yosemite National Park:

MORSE: When Congressman McClintock decided to pick winners and losers on this project, he decided Mariposa should lose.
McCLINTOCK: I will not support it.

Later in the debate, McClintock again struggled to defend his vote for the controversial tax bill that gave tax breaks to corporations and special interests at the expense of families in our community:

MORSE: That tax bill will cost us $1.8 trillion over a decade. That is a tax on your grandkids. And there was cuts to Medicare and Social Security. And what does that get us? There are millions of seniors who depend on Social Security to get by.
McCLINTOCK: She is correct, the debt continues to rise.

Jessica Morse has now agreed to three additional debates since McClintock backed out of a North Lake Tahoe debate he had previously agreed to; he has yet to accept all three of these additional debates.


First Calaveras Democrat’s Fundraiser!

On Saturday, 9/8, the Calaveras County Democrats held their first fundraiser.  We sold out!  Who knew we had so many people willing to help our GOTV efforts?

If you missed the party but would still like to help, you can contribute through the link below:

We have people taking part in writing post cards, making phone calls, registering voters, and reaching out to their neighbors to get a strong turnout this election.  You could help.  If you’d like to take part, please send an email to:

Calaveras Democrats are pleased to endorse the following candidates

Calaveras County Democrats feel that these candidates are the best choice for our county.  Clicking on the following links will bring up additional information and links to their information, in their own words.  We are pleased to endorse them, and hope you will support them.

Jessica Morse

US Congressional District 04

Here’s Jessica Morse (who missed bidding on the pie the auction):


Paulina Miranda

CA State Senate District 8


Carla Jean Neal

CA District 5


Merita Callaway

Calaveras Supervisory District 3


Ben Stopper

Calaveras Supervisory District 5


Rick DiBasilio

Calaveras County Sheriff

Some of the other candidates were also in attendance and spoke to the group: