First Calaveras Democrat’s Fundraiser!

First Calaveras Democrat’s Fundraiser!

On Saturday, 9/8, the Calaveras County Democrats held their first fundraiser.  We sold out!  Who knew we had so many people willing to help our GOTV efforts?

If you missed the party but would still like to help, you can contribute through the link below:

We have people taking part in writing post cards, making phone calls, registering voters, and reaching out to their neighbors to get a strong turnout this election.  You could help.  If you’d like to take part, please send an email to:

Besides a good dinner and great company, some of the candidates showed up and shared with us.  There are videos below.

Also, I have a request.  Too many of us were caught up invarious parts of the event.  If you have any good photos you’d like to share, please send them to:  If you send me the names, I’ll keep them linked to the photos.  Thanks!

Calaveras Democrats are pleased to endorse the following candidates

Calaveras County Democrats feel that these candidates are the best choice for our county.  Clicking on the following links will bring up additional information and links to their information, in their own words.  We are pleased to endorse them, and hope you will support them.

Jessica Morse

US Congressional District 04

Here’s Jessica Morse (who missed bidding on the pie the auction):


Paulina Miranda

CA State Senate District 8


Carla Jean Neal

CA District 5


Merita Callaway

Calaveras Supervisory District 3


Ben Stopper

Calaveras Supervisory District 5


Rick DiBasilio

Calaveras County Sheriff

Some of the other candidates were also in attendance and spoke to the group: