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It’s never been more important to take an active role in support of our democracy – in Calaveras County, California and Washington DC. There are several simple and fun way to get involved:

Phone Banking:  Like to chat with neighbors on the phone? Then this is for you. You can call from your home and connect with other voters in your area about the upcoming election. We provide lists and scripts to make it easy and fun! 

Canvassing: How about talking face-to-face with your neighbors?  One of the most effective ways affect change is to actually talk to people.  We’ll help  by providing the organization — but we need your help! 

Postcards: Not everyone is on Facebook. We need to make sure that all registered Democrats (and “no party preference”  voters) are aware of the Primary and how important it is to Calaveras County. We provide the postcards, addresses and postage. You just write a short personal note and their address. Do it as a group, or while watching your favorite TV show. 

Voter Registration:  This is an ongoing activity.  Sometimes we do an organized push (like the CCD booth at this year’s Frog Jump).  Sometimes it comes from randomly asking strangers if they’re registered.  Let us know that you’re willing to help register people to vote.  We’ll give you training (so that it’s done right) and help with supplies.  Do your part to help make Calaveras County Blue! 

Community Outreach: It doesn’t work for Democrats to only talk to each other (as fun as that is).  We (Calaveras Democrats) need to become more visible in our community.  We also need to help non-Democrats understand where we agree on issues.

Communications (PR, Social Media, Email): We have a limited number of volunteers working with our communications.  We could really use your help!

Technology: If you have the skills, we need additional people to help with our database and other technology work.  We’d provide you with appropriate training — and you’d help generate information for our volunteers to use.

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