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Calaveras Democrats is very ‘lean’ organization, run 100% by volunteers.  Our overhead is minimal, but we still have some basic operational expenses for activities such as keeping our website up and running, hosting our monthly meetings, communicating with our members, etc.  And of course, during election years, we really ramp up our campaign, outreach and education activities to support candidates running for local and state office and educate voters on important issues.  All these things require money, and we rely entirely on memberships dues and donations from our generous supporters to help fund these important activities!

But of course, our most important asset is the time and commitment of like-minded people like YOU to help carry out our various campaign and outreach efforts.  Here are some ways you can help Calaveras Democrats continue our important work:join our team

  1. SIGN UP for our mailing list to receive our newsletters and stay in the loop about what we are up to
  2. FOLLOW US on Social Media (Facebook and Instagram) and engage with and share our posts, and invite your friends too!
  3. Attend our monthly meetings and social events to get to know other local Democrats and learn about important topics and issues (check our About page for information).
  4. Volunteer to help with outreach and educational activities such as tabling at local events, marching in parades, community service, postcard, and letter writing campaigns, phone and text banking, special events etc.
  5. Become an Associate or Central Committee Member and make things happen!
  6. DONATE money to keep us going!

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