Calaveras County Board of Supervisors Meeting Notes – 01-24-2023

Information on the storms, the Wellness Center, and cannabis ecotourism.  There were several lengthy discussions, so you really should read through Janet’s notes.

Here’s the link for today’s video where you can watch the full meeting.


Staff Announcements

• Rick DiBasilio – Sheriff – re volunteers – wanted to thank all the retired folks in the community and all the work they did. Last year’s activities – meetings and trainings 1,676 hours; fairs and events 2,066; substation 2,600 hours; patrol 3,600; jail and sheriff’s office 774; unit administration 1,470; special assignments – 526; total hours 12,720; 31 volunteers. Ran 55,000+ patrol miles; 126 vacation house checks, three substations opened; 628 folks walked into substations, 186 calls. They drove 27,000 miles in their own vehicles. I want to thank and applaud them.
Cori Allen – HHS Director – Calaveras County Public Health has and will launch its new mobile van service center tomorrow. They will be at the Government Center on January 25, noon to 3 p.m.; free flu vaccinations, Covid tests, and information regarding their services as well as information re veterans benefits. Ask that you go to MyTurn.Gov to sign up for flu vaccines but walk-ins are welcome.
Craig Pedro – Interim CAO – this Thursday at San Andreas Community Center at 10 a.m. presentation regarding hearing regarding fire hazardous zone and how it evaluates property, etc. I will be working with Chair and Vice-Chair to send a letter to the State and hear comments at the meeting.

Winter Storm Update

4. Informational Item – OES (ID # 7104) Receive an update presentation from staff on the ongoing winter storms which began on or about December 29, 2022.

John Osborne – Director of Emergency Services – yesterday FEMA provided us with an amendment to major disaster relief and included Calaveras County for individual assistance. It includes community disaster loans, housing assistance, legal, individuals to households, and other needs. Individual and household programs include housing, transportation, child care, moving, cleaning, and other needs. The Max award is $41,000. Community service includes crisis management, unemployment, etc. Call 1.800.621.3362, call FEMA, or register in person, or FEMA’s mobile app. We will be hosting an event on February 1 and 2 at the fairgrounds. Estimate losses at over 3,000,000 as a county. CalOES and FEMA are out in the field assessing damage, road, and public utilities. Team Rubicon, the volunteer group, began looking to see if they could deploy resources to help with the cleanup, this is a free service.

Recognition and Acknowledgments

5. Proclamation – Health and Human Services Agency (ID # 7050) Adopt a Proclamation
proclaiming January 2023 as Human Trafficking and Child Sexual Exploitation Prevention

Supervisor Huberty read the proclamation.
Mayle Johnson – Deputy Director, HHS – human trafficking is a global issue and affects many children and adults. Calaveras County does have a small amount and the assistance we provide is essential. Calaveras probation, CCOE, mentoring program, CASA, DA’s office, Child’s Advocacy Center, etc. are all a huge partner to us. We appreciate the assistance in supporting our victims.
Please see Janet’s notes for additional comments.
Motion to approve proclamation – Passed – 5-0

6. Proclamation – Health and Human Services Agency (ID # 7085) Adopt a Proclamation proclaiming January 2023 as Mentoring Month in Calaveras County.

• Supervisor Folendorf read the proclamation.
Mayle Johnson – Deputy Director,  HHS – mentorship is very important to build and make a strong community. It helps build self-esteem, confidence and build trust in adults.
Motion to approve proclamation – Passed – 5-0.

General Public Comment

Please see Janet’s notes for additional comments.

Consent Agenda

7. Minutes of Board of Supervisors – Special Meeting – Jan 5, 2023 10:00 AM

8. Minutes of Board of Supervisors – Regular Meeting – Jan 10, 2023 8:00 AM

9. Resolution – Clerk of the Board of Supervisors (ID # 6929) Adopt a Resolution revising the Conflict of Interest Code for the County of Calaveras by amending the Code’s Appendix as a result of the biennial review of the positions required to file a Statement of Economic Interest.

10. Resolution – Clerk of the Board of Supervisors (ID # 7084) Adopt a resolution finding that the COVID-19 pandemic state of emergency continues to present imminent risks to the health or safety of attendees without a teleconference participation option.

11. Action Item – Clerk of the Board of Supervisors (ID # 7106) Appointment of applicants to serve on various Committees, Commissions, Advisory Boards and County Service Areas

12. Agreement – Health and Human Services Agency (ID # 7052) Authorize the County Executive Officer to execute a no-cost sublease agreement with Calaveras County Chamber of Commerce for office space located at 7 Main Street San Andreas, CA, for the period January 1, 2023 through June 30, 2023.

13. Resolution – Human Resources (ID # 7095) Approve a Resolution applying the benefits and COLA increases applicable to the Sheriff’s Management Unit to the Undersheriff classification.

14. Resolution – Planning (ID # 7108) Approve and Authorize the Board Chair to sign a Resolution Approving the Request for an Allocation of $2,179,082 of Regional Early Action Plan (REAP 2.0) grant funds for which Calaveras County has applied for the period of December 31, 2022 through June 30, 2026.

15. Agreement – Public Works (ID # 7093) 1) Award Invitation to Bid 22-1010-05-912 for construction of the 2019 Winter Storms Rail Road Flat Road Slide Repair Project, KCBCALCO- 0003-1; and 2) Authorize the Board Chair to execute an Agreement for construction of 2019 Winter Storms Rail Road Flat Road Slide Repair Project with George Reed, Inc. in an amount not to exceed $507,404.

Motion to approve consent agenda items 7 – 15, minus 14 – Passed – 5-0.
Gabrielle Elliott – Director of Planning – this is a follow-up to earlier action taken by the BOS when they authorized us to sign the item. Funds to spend for housing received by the State. Recommend adopting a resolution to submit with an application that has already been submitted. Can use the grants to help with residential development or the cost of utilities, for example.
Motion to approve consent agenda items 14 – Passed – 5-0.

Regular Agenda

16. Action Item – Health and Human Services Agency (ID # 7101) Authorize the Board Chair to sign a Letter of Support for the Mark Twain Health Care District and Calaveras County Behavioral Health Crisis and Wellness Center.

Wendy Alt – Behavioral Health – here with a letter to support the grant, doesn’t tie us to a partnership. Also, crosses over three strategic focus plans. Will help us with our crisis services. Most people come from Valley Springs to San Andreas and have to travel while in crisis. This project would allow individuals to go to Valley Springs, not San Andreas.
Please see Janet’s notes for additional comments.
Public Comment • None
Motion to approve Action Item – Passed 5 – 0.

17. Informational Item – Planning (ID # 7109) Receive staff presentation on Cannabis Ecotourism.

• Gabriel Elliott – request would be that ecotourism would be an additional layer to our county regulations. This has been done in other places and has been regulated and it has worked. Which direction do you want us to go on this item? Recommend receiving a presentation and having a discussion.
Public Comment – Please see Janet’s notes for additional comments.
Informational Item Only.

Supervisor Announcements

Supervisor Stopper – attended job training, working with CSDD. Upcoming CSAC executive committee meeting.
Supervisor Garamendi – attended RCRC last week, have meeting on Friday (I did not get the name of the committee).
Supervisor Folendorf – attended RCRC last week, would like LAFTCO committees to be brought back to BOS , would like me to be primary versus alternate. Would request to put on agenda next meeting.
Supervisor Huberty – CSCAA – very important topics and glad to be sitting on the board as vice-chair.
Chair Tofanelli – I did not attend RCRC but heard from Supervisor Folendorf regarding some of the frustrations I have been dealing with from Core Engineers and reluctance to issue any permits to do any work; this issue is not only in our county but several counties. Hopefully, we can get them to issue some permits to clean up debris in our creeks and rivers.


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