Calaveras County Board of Supervisors Meeting Notes – 06-13-2023

Important meeting reviewing the budget for the county. Please read through Janet’s notes and watch the video for more information from the meeting.


Here’s the link for today’s video where you can watch the full meeting. As always, an excellent job Janet!

Supervisor Huberty was not present during part of the meeting due to a conflict of interest.

Staff Announcements:

Sherry Reusch, President and Susan Weatherby – Interim CEO – Chamber of Commerce presented PowerPoint presentation. Please review video for detailed information.   Please review .pdf for comments.
Please review the .pdf notes and video for extensive discussion.
Motion to direct staff to bring back recommended budget – Passed – 5-0.

General Public Comment

Consent Agenda

2. Minutes of Board of Supervisors – Regular Meeting – May 9, 2023 8:00 AM

3. Minutes of Board of Supervisors – Regular Meeting – May 23, 2023 9:00 AM

4. Action Item – Administrative Office (ID # 7350) Make a public benefit finding and approve a Community Organization (10100140) allocation to Blue Mountain Community Renewal Council in the amount of two thousand dollars ($2,000.00).

5. Action Item – Administrative Office (ID # 7380) Approve Change Order #01 to the construction contract with Barth Roofing, Co. for the Rail Road Flat Recreation Center Roof Replacement Project, in the amount of $41,125, for dry rot and stucco replacement.

6. Action Item – Clerk of the Board of Supervisors (ID # 7361) Appoint applicants to serve on various Committees, Commissions, Advisory Boards and County Service Areas.

7. Agreement – Behavioral Health (ID # 7364) Authorize the Board Chair to sign Amendment 02 to the Agreement with the California Mental Health Services Authority for the provision of the Behavioral Health Quality Improvement Program (BHQIP) for the not-to- exceed value of $72,650, expiring June 30, 2024.

8. Agreement – Childrens Services (ID # 7324) Authorize the Board Chair to sign Amendment 01 to the Agreement with Social Change Partners LLC for the provision of specialized consulting services for the period of November 1, 2022, through July 1, 2023, for the not-to-exceed amount of $75,000.00.

9. Action Item – Childrens’ Services (ID # 7367) Receive the California–Child and Family Services Review (C-CFSR) Annual System Improvement Plan (SIP) Progress Report, Year 1 and Year 2 Update for the time covering October 29, 2020, through October 29, 2022, and authorize Board Chair to sign the related certification.

10. Resolution – Public Health Services (ID # 7348) 1) Adopt a Resolution authorizing the Board Chair to sign Agreement #22-10641 with the California Department of Public Health resulting in revenue of $1,821,270 for the period of July 1, 2022, through June 30, 2027, for emergency preparedness; and 2) Authorize the Director of the Health and Human Services Agency to sign any subsequent amendments to this agreement so long as it does not affect the not to exceed the value of the agreement.

11. Agreement – Housing Program (ID # 7339) 1) Authorize the Board Chair to execute an Agreement with Yolanda Miranda for housing assistance and location services for the period of July 1, 2023 through June 30, 2024, in an amount not to exceed $60,000; and, 2) Authorize the Director of the Health and Human Services Agency to enter into amendments to the Agreement so long as they do not affect the not to exceed amount and approvals are provided by Risk Management, County Counsel, and Administration.

12. Agreement – Health and Human Services Agency (ID # 7363) Authorize the Board Chair to execute an Agreement with Pan American Life Insurance Company for the continuation of healthcare benefits for In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Providers in the not to exceed amount of $230,000.00 for the period of September 1, 2023, through August 31, 2024.

13. Agreement – Public Works (ID # 7331) 1) Award Invitation to Bid 22-1200-28-913 for construction of the Guardrails Upgrades Project, HSIPL 5930(094); and 2) Authorize the Board Chair to execute a contract for construction of the Guardrails Upgrades Project between Calaveras County and Mid-State Barrier, Inc. in an amount not to exceed $353,535.

14. Agreement – Sheriff (ID # 7351) 1) Approve and authorize the Board Chair to execute a forty- three month term professional service agreement with H.N.W. Building Maintenance, Inc. for janitorial services at the Sheriff’s Office in the aggregate not to exceed amount of $279,739.20; and 2) Grant the Sheriff and/or Undersheriff authority to execute future amendments and other administrative contract-related documents within this term and not-to-exceed amount.

No Action taken on consent agenda items.

Regular Agenda

15. Action Item – Administrative Office (ID # 7251) 1) Conduct the Fiscal Year 2023-24 CEO Recommended Budget Hearings; 2) Receive a presentation on the CEO Recommended Budget; and 3) Provide the CEO Recommended Budget.

• Discussed above.

Supervisor Announcements

• Supervisor Huberty – attended Love Creek Homeowner’s meeting, looked at Elk Grove Animal Shelter, they are the architects who are handling ours and it was incredible; Tuesday, June 1st, attended Agency on Aging Standard meeting; call with Director of Contra State Park regarding fuel trees at Big Trees State Park; June 6th, a town hall with Jennifer Cashe regarding waste management, June 7th did presentation for Ebbetts Pass Property Owners Counsel, June 3 – town hall in Arnold regarding wildfire evacuation on Hwy 4; yesterday attended Central Sierra Child Support Agency meeting.
• Supervisor Garamendi – fire meeting in West Point last week; 218 hearing last night in West Point with Jennifer Cashe, people came in hostile and left accepting it after Jennifer explained why; RCRC tomorrow.
• Supervisor Folendorf – attended the meeting last week, Board voting to loan funds out to Sacramento County, have done in previous years; 218 hearing and Jennifer Cashe did a great job in Copper and tonight is 218 town hall in Angels.
• Supervisor Stopper – we cost the county money today and I appreciated working with everyone today on the budget.
• Chair Tofanelli – attended COG meeting with Supervisor Folendorf last week; attended Mountain County EMS meeting yesterday, yearly contract will be coming out, our portion will be about $19,000+, Mariposa is not pulling out but looking to restructure; June 24 is fireworks over Hogan day and a big day for the county and people come from all over to see it.
Teresa Hitchcock – CEO – thanked everyone for working with her team, everyone was collaborative and willing to go over everything line by the line. Thanked auditor’s department and IT department.


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