Calaveras County Board of Supervisors Meeting Notes – 03-14-2023

Read through Janet’s notes and watch the video for more information on the Calaveras Better Business Bureau.  And did you know that the County has an intern program for students?

Here’s the link for today’s video where you can watch the full meeting. As always, an excellent job Janet!


Staff Announcements

• None

Recognition and Acknowledgments

3. Proclamation – Human Services (ID # 7058) Adopt a proclamation declaring March 2023 as Social Work Appreciation Month in Calaveras County.

4. Proclamation – Clerk of the Board of Supervisors (ID # 7164) Adopt a Proclamation recognizing March 2023 as American Red Cross Month in Calaveras County.

General Public Comment

• None

Consent Agenda

5. Agreement – Administrative Office (ID # 7176) Authorize the Board Chair to execute an Agreement with Aspen Street Architects, Inc., exercising the contract option to extend the existing contract by one year.

6. Agreement – Environmental Management Agency (ID # 7144) Authorize the Board Chair to sign Professional Services Agreement with Angels Camp Veterinary Hospital to provide veterinary care and services for the Animal Services Department during the period March 14, 2023, through January 31, 2026, in an amount not to exceed $100,000 per year.

7. Action Item – Public Works (ID # 7170) 1) Adopt plans and specifications for the Striping Program 2023-25; 2) Authorize the Director of Public Works to incorporate any final changes into the bid documents; and 3) Authorize the Department of Public Works to solicit formal construction bids.

8. Action Item – Public Works (ID # 7179) Approve the Final Map for Sierra Parkway Estates Subdivision (TSTM 2019-052) in Camp Connell.

9. Action Item – Public Works (ID # 7180) Approve the Final Map for North Vista Plaza Subdivision (TSTM 2005-190) in Valley Springs.

10. Action Item – Sheriff (ID # 7175) Approve Budget Transfer Form to increase Budget Unit 10150040 revenue and expense appropriations related to recording proceeds from the 2022-23 Officer Wellness and Mental Health (OWMH) Grant in the amount of $40,018.71. Requires a 4/5th vote of the Board.

Not addressed at meeting

Regular Agenda

11. Informational Item – Administrative Office (ID # 7189) Receive a Presentation from the Calaveras Chamber of Commerce.

Sherri Reusche – President, Calaveras County Chamber of Commerce – presented a PowerPoint presentation. Please review for detailed information.
Public Comment – Please see Janet’s notes for additional comments.
Informational Item Only

12. Informational Item – Economic & Community Development (ID # 7114) Receive a presentation from the Economic & Community Development and the Planning Department about Parks and Recreation opportunities in Calaveras County and receive the Calaveras Parks and Recreation Commission’s annual report.

• Item Pulled

13. Informational Item – Human Resources (ID # 7167) Receive an update from staff on the status of Internship programs within County service.

Judy Hawkins – Deputy CAO/Risk & HR Director – in a time of a severe labor shortage the goal is to enhance local training and pathways to students. Worked to formalize a high school internship program. We are going to bring the program back after being on hold during COVID. Interns go through a hiring process and interviews. We are still putting the program together and will bring back another presentation at a later time, along with regular updates.
Public Comment • None
Informational Item Only

14. Resolution – Human Resources (ID # 7202) Adopt a Resolution authorizing changes to the Position Control List for Fiscal Year 2022/2023 Mid-Year Budget Changes and approve new job descriptions.

• Judy Hawkins – Deputy CAO/Risk & HR Director – we are bringing back the position control list changes as well as corresponding job descriptions, equipment operator – extra hire.
Public Comment • None
Motion to approve the resolution – Passed – 5-0.

15. Resolution – OES (ID # 7210) Adopt a Resolution ratifying the Director of Emergency Services’ Proclamation of a Local State of Emergency for the winter storm damage from extreme weather events beginning on or around February 23, 2023.

• John Osborne – Director OES – on March 10, 2023, declared a local disaster regarding the latest storms. Requested all state and federal resources. On March 12, 2023, Governor Newsom added Calaveras and requested direct federal assistance for the state.

Public Comment

Please see Janet’s notes for additional comments.

Supervisor Announcements

• Supervisor Garamendi – RCRC meeting last week, continue to move forward with Golden State Connect Authority, Calaveras County has been wonderful participant.
• Supervisor Folendorf – Congratulations to the Bret Harte local girls who won the basketball championship.

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