Save Our Calaveras Fire Departments! YES on Measure A!

On November 14, 2023, Calaveras Democrats unanimously adopted the following Resolution in Support of Measure A, on the March 5th, 2024 ballot:

The Calaveras County Democrats support Yes on Measure A. Our county is served by ten fire departments which are facing severe funding challenges. The Burson fire station is closed, it is there but without funds to open and staff it.

Our fire departments are our first responders to medical emergencies, accidents, and fires – from house fires to wildland fires that can escalate into the Electra fire (2022), or the Butte fire of 2015. We need them to have the best equipment, and best people when they respond. Sadly, for lack of funding they lose trained firefighters to other larger (and better paid) departments all the time.

Measure A is a 1 percent sales tax dedicated to our fire departments. It will be paid – not on groceries – by residents and visitors to our county. Those visitors have medical emergencies, and accidents, and use our services but this is the first method that will have them help pay for the costs. The 1¢ per dollar on meals and lodging will help bring in the funds needed to support our fire departments.

Please vote yes on Measure A on March 5th.

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