Calaveras County Board of Supervisors Meeting Notes – 10-24-2023

Extensive information at this meeting about Public Works 5-Year Strategic Plan.  Please review the notes and video for additional information.    As always, Janet’s done a great job of tracking the meeting.  Great big thank you to Janet!


Or watch the video.  As always, an excellent job Janet!


Staff Announcements

• Stan Moore – IT – will be coming back in the future with more details. CPU has completed applications and can get info from all applicants. Golden State Connect put in one large project, 32M; 1 project put in by AT&T, and 1 project by Comcast. Will post on the county website, CPUC has opened up an objection process that lasts 28 days. Will post info regarding this process on the website.
Kathy Galino – Director of Economic & Community Development – will create a county broadband page that will show various projects. Attended the San Andreas beautification open house, a great event, and spoke with new businesses opening up. Went to the San Andreas library to observe the moon, and about 300 people attended.

General Public Comment

Please review the notes and video.

Consent Agenda

1. Minutes of Board of Supervisors – Regular Meeting – Oct 10, 2023 8:00 AM

2. Agreement – Administrative Office (ID # 7584) 1. Approve an agreement with the State of California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) for the provision of emergency incident response (dispatch) services for the period of July 1, 2023, through June 30, 2026, in an amount not to exceed $1,299,111.00; and 2. Authorize the Chair to execute State of California Agreement #4CA06610.

3. Action Item – Administrative Office (ID # 7585) Approve budget transfers to increase the FY 2023-24 Capital Improvement Project appropriations, in the amount of $85,000, for expenditures related to the Rail Road Flat Community Center funded from the PG&E Settlement Fund. Requires a 4/5th affirmative vote of the Board.

4. Action Item – Administrative Office (ID # 7595) Make public benefit findings and approve community organization district allocations in the total amount of seven thousand dollars ($7,000.00).

5. Resolution – Administrative Office (ID # 7600) Adopt a Resolution Authorizing the County Executive Officer, or Designee, to Apply for the Community Wildfire Defense Grant, up to $10,000,000.

6. Resolution – Auditor/Controller (ID # 7572) Adopt a Resolution establishing the Fiscal Year 2023-24 Appropriations Limits for the County of Calaveras and Special Districts.

7. Action Item – Clerk of the Board of Supervisors (ID # 7608) Appoint applicant to serve on the Planning Commission pursuant to Government Code Section 54974(b).

8. Resolution – Code Compliance (ID # 7583) By a 4/5 vote, adopt a Resolution to 1) place a measure on the March 5, 2024 ballot seeking voter approval to renew the collection of abandoned vehicle abatement fees pursuant to Vehicle Code Sections 9250.7 and 22710, and 2) request consolidation with any other election to be held on the same date.

9. Agreement – Behavioral Health (ID # 7590) Authorize the Board Chair to execute Amendment 01 to the Agreement with Aegis Treatment Centers, LLC for the provision of Drug Medi-Cal treatment services for the period of July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2024, increasing the total not- to-exceed amount from $375,000 to $550,000.

10. Agreement – Childrens Services (ID # 7591) Authorize 1) the Board Chair to sign an Agreement in an amount not to exceed $270,000 with Sierra Child and Family Services, Inc. to provide a Family Urgent Response System for the period of July 1, 2023 through June 30, 2024; and 2) the Director of Health and Human Services Agency to sign amendment(s) to the Agreement, if any, so long as it does not affect the not to exceed amount.

11. Agreement – First 5 (ID # 7592) Authorize the Board Chair to sign an Agreement with El Dorado County Office of Education for the provision of the IMPACT Legacy program in the amount of $136,349 over the period of August 1, 2023 through June 30, 2025.

12. Agreement – OES (ID # 7587) 1) Award Request for Proposals 23-0470-07-990; 2) Authorize the Board Chair to execute an Agreement with The Resiliency Initiative in an amount not to exceed $69,850.00 from October 24, 2023 through June 30, 2024 for the Calaveras County Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) Update and Evacuation Annex; and 3) Authorize the County Executive Officer (CEO) to execute amendment(s) to the Agreement, if any, so long as doing so does not increase the not-to-exceed amount.

13. Agreement – Public Works (ID # 7561) 1) Award Invitation to Bid 23-1200-01-968 for construction of the Roadway Safety Signage Audit Project, Highway Safety Improvement Program project 5930-095; and 2) Authorize the Board Chair to execute a construction contract with Highway Specialty Company, Inc. in an amount not to exceed $4,432,325.

14. Resolution – Public Works (ID # 7574) Adopt a Resolution authorizing the release of security for Vista Plaza, Unit 2, Phase 1 Subdivision.

15. Agreement – Public Works (ID # 7575) Authorize the Board Chair to execute Amendment 01 to Agreement 1200-2101 with Unico Engineering, Inc. increasing the amount by $263,095 for a maximum amount not to exceed $3,132,817.49.

Robert Pachinger requested to remove item #13 to the next meeting.
Motion to approve consent items 3 – 13 – with exception of 13, passed 5 – 0.
BOS presented a check to Resource Connection for food for the holidays.

Regular Agenda

16. Informational Item – Human Resources (ID # 7603) Receive an update from Stasey Whichel with Evergreen Solutions LLC, on the status of the comprehensive Classification & Compensation Study being conducted for the County.

Judy Hawkins – HR & Risk Management Director – introduced Stasey Whichel – PowerPoint presentation presented. Please review for detailed information.
• Who We Are: We are a national public sector consulting firm – work in 47 states; over 1,200 compensation and classification studies, extensive public sector human resources experience; full service human resources consulting practice. Expertise – local governments; school districts; higher education institutions; State agencies; quasi-governmental organizations.
Public Comment
Informational Item Only.

17. Resolution – Human Resources (ID # 7599) Approve a Side Letter Agreement with Calaveras County Public Safety Employees Association (CCPSEA) for (1) a one-time incentive and retention payment of $750.00 for permanent employees who meet the eligibility requirements as outlined in the agreement, and (2) salary increases for the classifications of Correctional Cook I/II, Dispatcher, and Sr. Dispatcher. The accompanying budget transfer requires a 4/5 vote of the Board.

Judy Hawkins – HR & Risk Management Director – bringing forward based on others brought forward. We are trying to get ahead of the critical level shortage for this position.
Public Comment • None
Resolution passed – 5 – 0.

18. Action Item – Clerk of the Board of Supervisors (ID # 7529) Select one member of the Board of Supervisors to act as the 2024 CSAC Representative and one member to act as the Alternate for the CSAC Association Year beginning November 13, 2023.

• Supervisor Folendorf – I will not be going so we need a backup.
• Supervisor Stopper – I am willing to be primary.
• Supervisor Huberty – I will be the second alternate.
Public Comment • None
Motion to approve action item – Passed – 5 – 0.

19. Informational Item – Public Works (ID # 7576) Receive a presentation from the Department of Public Works on its 5-year Strategic Plan.

• Robert Pachinger – Director Public Works – PowerPoint presentation presented.
Please review the notes and video for detailed information.
Public Comment • None
Informational Item Only.

20. Resolution – Planning (ID # 7578) 1) Conduct a Public Hearing, 2) Adopt the CEQA Negative Declaration, and 3) Approve Conditional Use Permit 2022-020 for the Calaveras Waste Recovery Systems transfer station located at 3543 Double Springs Road, Valley Springs (APN 040-004- 021).

• Gabriel Elliott – Planning Director – upon consultation with the applicant on items 20 and 21, we will pull items and they will come back at a later date.
Public Comment • None
Resolution passed – 5 – 0.

21. Ordinance – Planning (ID # 7577) Conduct a public hearing, adopt a CEQA Negative Declaration, and adopt an ordinance amending the zoning of APN: 040-004-021 from Business Park (M4) to General Industrial (M2) for Cal-Waste; authorize summary publication and a brief property description and map of the reclassified property.

• Gabriel Elliott – Planning Director – upon consultation with the applicant on items 20 and 21, we will pull items and they will come back at a later date.
Public Comment • None
Ordinance passed – 5 – 0.

22. Informational Item – Planning (ID # 7588) Receive a presentation from the Planning Department and provide direction on the Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Workbook.

• Will be brought back at another time.

Supervisor Announcements

Supervisor Huberty – On Friday the 13th, I did an interview with Al Segalla. On the 19th, I toured North Grove and the prescribed burn and it went as planned. On the 23rd, attended the winter storm meeting; later that day attended the CSCA meeting with Chair Tofanelli. I did bring up concern regarding sirens to the Fire Dept and they will look at Tuolumne for guidance. All events attended last week were great.
Supervisor Garamendi – attended the CTC meeting last week.
Supervisor Folendorf – I attended the D10 advisory committee meeting, lots of topics were re Hwy 4 corridor events, good conversation regarding events for 2024 year. Attended CTC meeting in Madera on the 18th and 19th. Thursday I will be having a town hall on the final and third on the Copper Community Plan. Wednesday will be attending the agency action workshop.
Supervisor Stopper – one more meeting prior to CSAC. Attended special meetings for ACA, one in Sonora and one in Jackson. Teresa Hitchcock attended the Sonora meeting and I attended the Jackson meeting. ACA will be doing an official press release.
Chair Tofanelli – attended the San Andreas main street open house event on Saturday, they did a lot of work, looked good, well attended. Attended the CSCS meeting yesterday. Last Wednesday and Thursday attended the CTC meeting. It was a very good meeting and to get us where we are, the teamwork was great. We were awarded 14M to finish Phase 1 of the Wagon Wheel project which was our full request. This was a collaborative effort.
Teresa Hitchock – CEO – I attended the ACA meeting in Sonora and they listened and addressed our concerns, overall a very positive meeting.

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